truths of one week:

by cjra

  • winter began
  • it is okay to cancel if you don’t feel like going out
  • now you don’t believe in a great god, but believe in the consistency of traffic lights, of fog settling on grass
  • family is warm and wide and won’t be around forever, so enjoy the eyerolls and every small hug and every quiet breakfast
  • that dim blue light on christmas morning will only make you think of one thing
  • and he’s traveled hundreds of miles north to see the one he loves, he tells you about it and just his written voice sounds happy, and it’s alright if your stream of thoughts is horrifying, alright that you never want to see her face whoever she is
  • and yes we share the same interests / past courses / mentors / circle of friends but that means nothing, it means nothing. i live just 1 hr from your hometown and that doesn’t change a thing because home is where you smile the most
  • steadily, the sky is getting lighter at night.