rabbit & tiger

by cjra

so, now it’s a new game. although i told you today that i hate to call it a game. the rules are different for everyone, you said. you think you aren’t a baby with baby skin. but something tells me we are both little ones.

we’ve known each other for three months and yet it’s been an eternity since. i think i’ve floated in the rain for so long, things are coming to a close & opening at the same time. i will have my master’s degree by the end of the summer; who knows where we will be by then.

this weather makes us want things, and makes bones feel like winter. i am achy and cry more often. does this mean age? being a dropped old peach? what happened to that hot stroke of sunshine. and i usually love the rain. and question silently, loudly, about the path i should be taking in three months. world travel? nine to five hours per day? long nights stretched out on office building roofs because, i’ve always wanted to?

whatever, no matter where i go, i can’t escape the wail of the train.