by cjra

the word “depression” spoken on someone else’s tongue about you makes a strange feeling.

we had talked about activism, about going to discussion groups, volunteering, exploring new places. i had told her getting out of bed was the last thing i wanted to do. but i made myself do it, just for work. so i nodded to her statement. i thought all manner of thoughts when someone thinks their feelings are not justified, because i live in this world & have this good family. but i knew she was right; it wasn’t my fault.

she looked at me smiling a bit as i wiped tears. “it’s been kind of a rude awakening. … and you don’t feel well. since we establish that, we can start with the basics.”

i nodded again. “okay.”

afterward, it was all bright outside, very cold and the wind moving fast. i walked down to the station almost laughing to myself, because i never thought i could be here slowly exposing everything to someone i met only a month ago. throughout the previous week i had to think of good things about myself, but i noticed it did not make me feel better, maybe even worse. “i don’t see myself as confident,” i had said. that i’m almost afraid to try to sleep but it’s what i want more than anything.

so, i don’t know what’s going to happen or when i will start to feel completely awake again. although on the bus yesterday, i was exhausted, but as the sun came up two women talked about being doctors and coming from different countries. as long as i have a chance to sit in silence and listen, i can feel like myself again for a little while.